Setting a better standard for job advertising

The standard, accepted practice for advertising job vacancies simply isn't good enough. I say this from the perspective of someone who has advertised hundreds of jobs over the years and applied to dozens. From both sides of the table, the employer perspective and the applicant perspective, the current standard is not appropriately transparent. We aim to fix that.
The reason we've ended up in a situation where job boards just aren't good enough is because the vast majority of job boards are built primarily with the employer in mind and the applicants needs are secondary. It makes sense I guess. Employers are the ones that pay to use your job board and applicants pay nothing. If we don't appease the employers then we won't make any money so lets build tons of employer focused features, and introduce wonderful 'add-on' packages where they can pay extra to be a featured employer.

So here's the thing...

Employers only care about the quality of the applicants your job board can deliver, so if you build a job board focused on the needs of applicants first and foremost then naturally you will attract plenty of applicants to your site which will solve the number one employer need. This seems almost insultingly obvious, yet here we are in 2018 and the most basic, essential information that applicants both want and need are not present on the majority of job ads.

Resetting the norm

Advertising realistic salary ranges attracts a significantly larger and more qualified applicant pool. The evidence to support this fact is overwhelming.

For example; Workpop analysed over 17,000 job postings and found that jobs published with salary information received, on average, 50% more applicants. Adzuna, arguably one of the best job ad aggregators in the market, established that salary information is by far the number one most important feature for applicants when choosing a website for their job search.

Despite the overwhelming evidence, the salary field on most job boards is still optional. As a result, job ads where the salary is listed as 'competitive' or 'dependant on experience' are absolutely rampant.

The fix is easy. When posting a vacancy on Honest Work, the salary field (or rate field for freelance roles) is mandatory. But why stop there?

Interviews are a two way street

There may be the odd minor argument for maintaining a degree of secrecy over salary details but I have yet to encounter a single valid reason to not be transparent about what your interview process looks like. If you're not sure what your interview process looks like, then I assure you, you are not ready to start hiring for your vacancy. One of the first questions every applicant asks when enquiring about your role is what hoops they are required to jump through in order to secure a job with your company. Yet including information about your interview process in your job advert is practically unheard of.

Another easy fix. Alongside salary, we require all companies to share some insight into what the interview process for their vacancy looks like.

An example of an advertised interview process on Honest Work

Who's this job board for?

We built this site to promote jobs of all shapes, sizes, and skills within tech companies and startups in the UK. We are keen to host everything from developer jobs to finance jobs as our goal is to be a better default choice for tech companies and startups that are looking to grow their teams.

Initially we are focusing all of our attention to the UK. Behind the scenes we are actively building out new features for employers and applicants alike, but more importantly, the vast majority of our marketing efforts are designed to attract potential applicants to the site.

Ok great, but is that it?

Honest Work was created to provide applicants with a more honest and transparent experience when searching for jobs. Up-front clarity over salaries and interview processes are just the beginning. Our mission is to elevate Honest Work into a platform that demystifies the entire process of applying for work and dramatically improves the experience of companies looking to hire great people. A quick glance at our upcoming feature list includes (but is not limited to):

  • A hyper-focused, curated, customisable mailing list for freelancers. Only receive emails for gigs that match your skills, location, rate, and remote work requirements.
  • Company profiles.
  • More extensive and accurate job search filters.
  • Allowing employers to A/B Test job ad content.
  • An incentivised job ad review system. Get real-time feedback on your job ad from real applicants.
  • Featured Applicants. The inverse of featured companies. A short profile and bio of quality applicants. Only displayed with the applicants explicit permission.

How can I help?

We're not here to become the next tech unicorn. We're not here to become reasonably rich only to semi-retire and call ourselves angel investors on twitter. We're here because we sincerely want to change the current, insufficient, accepted norm around great companies hiring great people. We have the experience, we have the talent, we have the ambition. We need you to spread the word and help make Honest Work the new default job board for advertising jobs. By sharing our platform in your company Slack group, facebook groups, twitter timelines, LinkedIn feeds, and so on, you will be directly affecting how many potential applicants and employers discover our job board, which, in turn will result in great people discovering great companies.

Of course, feedback on what we've built is always welcome. If you want to share your thoughts with us, you can do exactly that by emailing (we also plan on introducing an anonymous feedback system further down the line).

Over to you

We want every employer to have an equal opportunity to stand out. We want applicants to have a clear understanding of each and every opportunity. We don’t have premium job posts. The best people won’t apply because you’re first on the list or because your job is a slightly different colour to the other jobs.

The best people will apply because you are embracing honesty and transparency. Post a job today and stand out from the crowd.

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